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About Richard Schuberth and his writing (2016)



Athens must be destroyed: of distressed Greeks and debt

In: Roar Magazine, July 2016

(Translation: Johannes Weinkirn)



Springtime for Europe and Bosnia (2014)

(Translation: Ida Cerne. Ed. by Johannes Weinkirn & Gay Giordano)




»MeToo« and the Liberation of Sex

In: Counterpunch, April 2018

(Translation: Johannes Weinkirn)



Make Them Suffer Too

In: Counterpunch, September 2018

(Translation: Johannes Weinkirn)



The Invention of the Turks (2018)

(Translation: Johannes Weinkirn)



Oscar Wilde, a Socialist? (2000)

(Translation: Johannes Weinkirn)



Kark Kraus – A Plea For the Aphorisms (2005)

(Translation: Johannes Weinkirn, who won the Translation Price 2018 by Austrian Cultural Forum London with this text. Congrats and deeply endebted, dear Joe; ed. by Steve Seaward)